Commuter Student Life

Welcome to Commuter Student Life at Emmanuel College! Our goal is to ensure that the unique needs of commuter students are met. Offices and departments across campus offer several services and opportunities with this goal in mind.

If you have any questions or concerns about your commuter experience, email Kelli Connors at, Associate Director of Student Center and Campus Activities or

Fitness and Gym Access

All commuters have access to fitness facilities on campus (Jean Yawkey Center, New Residence Hall and St. Joseph's Hall Basement) and to Roberto Clemente Field. To access any fitness center on campus, simply check in with the front desk of each building and leave your Emmanuel ID with the staff while you work out.

We also offer spin classes, weekly Zumba classes with the Zumba Club, weekly yoga with the Yoga Club, and access to the COF Intramurals program.  Our New Residence Hall also has a dance studio, and we offer open gymnasium hours in the Jean Yawkey Center every day. If you want to work out in between classes, you can utilize locker room facilities in the JYC to freshen up!

Commuter Lounge

Looking for a place to relax between classes, grab a meal, hang with your friends or study that's just for you? The Commuter Lounge is the official hangout for Emmanuel's commuter students.

This space is open during normal JYC operating hours, and is equipped with many amenities, including computers, a big screen tv, plenty of soft seating and study tables, as well as a refrigerator, microwave and coffeemaker.  Stop in and relax in between classes or catch a nap.

Discounted MBTA Passes

Prior to the start of each semester, you will have the opportunity to register for a discounted MBTA pass. When you get a pass through the semester program, you get an 11% fare discount. Your CharlieCard or CharlieTicket arrives loaded with the Semester Pass of your choice, depending on which mode of transit you take the most:

  • Semester LinkPass: Unlimited travel on subway and local bus
  • Semester Commuter Rail Pass: Unlimited travel on the Commuter Rail (up to the zone distance purchased), plus unlimited subway and local bus trips

For bus and subway passes, you'll get a CharlieCard that is active for the entire semester. For Commuter Rail and ferry passes, you'll get a new CharlieTicket each month. Information on how to sign up will be sent to you via email, so keep an eye out for it toward the tail end of each semester!

For more information on MBTA passes, you can contact Denise Rugman at

The MBTA offers many tools to help you plan your commute.  You can sign up for direct text updates on your commute, and get information on the Transit app, which helps track trains and busses in real time, and up to the minute information on delays or service interruptions.

Longwood Medical Area Shuttles

Emmanuel College is part of the Longwood Medical Area, and as a student, you get access to FREE transportation to and from campus, as well as around Boston. LMA shuttles run on 9 different routes, including pick up from MBTA stations and other COF campuses.  All you need is your Emmanuel ID, and you are set to catch a ride!


As a commuter, you are eligible to rent a locker to minimize the amount of "stuff" you have to carry around campus! Once you apply and pay your deposit fee, you will receive a lock and a locker assignment. Lockers left in good condition with the lock returned will recieve a refund on their locker rental deposit. There are limited lockers available, and lockers are rented semester to semester.  Students are responsible for clearing out their space at the end of each semester.

If you are interested in receiving a locker, reach out to Denise Rugman at and keep an eye on your Emmanuel email.

Facilities and Study Space

Just because you don't live on campus, doesn't mean Emmanuel can't feel like home! Time on campus isn't all classes and meetings; you may want to find somewhere to hang out and relax outside of the commuter lounge.

You have full access to all campus spaces, including the common area of our new residence hall. The Jean Yawkey Center (JYC), is your living room on campus, and home to the Commuter Lounge, dining hall, and plenty of places to hang out. There are study lounges located in the Wilkens Science Center on each floor, and you can always find a spot in the Cardinal Cushing Library.

Meals and Dining

A commuter meal plan is a great option if you think you will have at least 1 meal a day on campus. We offer two plans for commuters:

  • 175 Meals/semester at $1,960
    This plan includes $300 in Flex, as well as 4 guest passes/semester

  • 120 Meals/semester at $1,100
    This plan includes 2 guest passes/semester

  • 75 Meals/semester at $700
    This plan includes 1 guest pass/semester
Plans can be purchased at any time in the semester, but they are non-refundable! 

Fenway Cash is like a debit card, but funds are loaded onto your EC ID card. FC can be used at all campus dining facilities, local vendors, as well as our vending machines and the Bookstore  

There are refrigerators, microwaves and other kitchen facilities across campus for you to access if you want to pack your meals

  • Commuter Lounge- fridge with a freezer, microwave and a Keurig
  • JYC Atrium and Muddy River Cafe offer microwaves so you can heat up and eat with your friends


A limited number of parking spaces are available for commuter students commuting from home. If public transportation can get you to campus, that is our preferred method of transportation for you. But, if you are coming from out of state, a significant distance, or would be travelling for an hour or more on public transit to get to campus, you can apply for a parking pass.

 If you are interested in applying for a semester parking pass, email Kelli Connors at Please note that there is a semester cost for parking passes, which is applied to your tuition bill.

Visiting the Residence Halls

Unlike at other campuses, commuter students can visit the residence halls on their own, and take advantage of the amenities offered in each hall as well as visit friends and occasionally stay overnight!  When you are visiting the halls, all Residence Life policies and procedures govern your behavior, and you will be held responsible for any violations.

  • Regular Visitation is 8am-Midnight, Sunday-Thursday and 8am-2am Friday and Saturday
    • You are able to travel within the halls, as long as you leave in ID at the desk.  
  • After Hours/Overnight Visitation is Midnight-8am, Sunday-Thursday and 2am-8am Friday and Saturday
    • Your host will need to sign you in on the After-Hours/Overnight List online by midnight.
    • Be sure that all of the roomates in the space consent to you staying.
  • If you are not signed in overnight, you will need to leave by midnight/2am.  You cannot stay for more than 3 consecutive nights or more than 3 nights in a 7 day period.
  • Quiet Hours are from 11pm-8am, Sunday-Thursday and 1am-9am Friday and Saturday. During Finals, we observe 24 Hour Quiet Hours and may suspend guest privilieges in order to provide a environment conducive to study and rest.

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